Program  Røa Musikkfestuker  søndag 26. oktober 2008




Antonio Vivaldi : Largo from Cello Sonata in a minor    RV 44  *

1678-1741                 Allegro from Cello Sonata in e minor  RV 40  *




Rick Wakeman:           "Six Wives of Henry VIII":  n° 4 “Jane Seymour”  *




Paolo Lazzeri :          Neogothic Toccata n.5 on a theme by Elfman





Steve Hackett :           “Hands of Priestess” from “Voyage of Acolyte” *

1950                                 “Horizons” *

                               “Cast Adrift”  *  



Marco Lo Muscio :       - “Mystic Dance of Fire”  (To Robert Fripp)

1971                         - New Litanies  “Gandalf's Dance”  (To Annie Haslam)

                               - Ecstatic Meditation n.4 “Homege to Emerson”

                               - Choral and Prog Dance (To Keith Emerson)




Jan Garbarek :          Molde Canticle Part I   *




Keith Emerson : - Jerusalem (on a theme by Parry)  *

1944                         - Fantasy on Aaron Copland theme:

  “Fanfare for the Common man” *


                                               *  Arrangements and transcriptions by Marco Lo Muscio





Marco Lo Muscio was born in Rome on October 23 1971. He graduated in Piano with full honours (“Cum Laude”)  at "L. Refice" academy of music guided by Maestro Tonino Maiorani. He then perfected himself (in three years) with the great pianist  Sergio Fiorentino (1927-1998) attaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies at the academy "B. Cristofori". He graduated in Pedagogy ("Cum Laude") to the University of "Rome Tre" (degree thesis on K. Jarrett), and he perfected in organ with Prof. James E. Goettsche (Main Organist of St. Peter’s in Vatican).  Marco is specialized in the French, English and American repertoire of the 1900s, in Bach's repertoire and in the adaptations and transcriptions of ancient and modern music (K. Jarrett, A. Pärt, V. Williams, K. Emerson, R. Wakeman, J. Garbarek, St. Hackett, , T. Banks, etc…).

He has held more than 500 concerts for world best festivals in important cathedrals and concert halls like: OxfordExeter College”; Russia: “Great Philharmonic Concert Hall  Shostakovic” in St. Petersburg; Cathedral, Gnessin Academy and Baptist church in  Moscow; Chelyabinsk: “First International Festival Jazz & Pipe organ in Organ Hall 2004” and “International Organ Festival 2005 and 2006”; Vilnius (Lithuania) “Christopher Summer Festival 2004 and 2007”; Tallinn (Estonia)“XVII International Organ Festival”. Finland: Organ summer festivals in Åbo/Turku, Lahti and Mikkeli; Åland XXXI International organ festival; Iceland, Belgium, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Norway (Bergen Organ summer festivals), Sweden (Götheborg Cathedral) , Germany (Munich), Switzerland (Zurich), Poland: “Gdansk(Oliwa) and Frombork Festivals”; Sorø International Music Festival (Denmark), France (Strasburg, S. Räphael, Obernai Cathedral); England (Westminster Cathedral in London, Chester Cathedral, Hull City Hall, Swansea,…);Riga Cathedral (Latvia) “Riga Dom Festival 2006 and 2007”; I.U.C. “Great Hall of Sapienza” in Rome; Festival Pontino and Festival Euro Mediterraneo; in Vatican in the presence of Pope Giovanni Paolo II; Florence (S. Maria of Ricci), La Verna International Organ Festival, Festival of historical organs in Valsesia, Pienza Cathedral,  etc…

He has worked with and for international artists such as: Goffredo Petrassi, Mario Luzi, Giuseppe Sinopoli, Giulio Sforza, Alexander Fiseisky, Daniel Zaretsky, ecc…

Has recorded for the Vatican Radio, RAITV, SAT2000TV, ROMAUNO. Marco has published six CDs of piano and organ music for "Studio Amadeus" records, with very critical and public success. Marco is the organist of National Canadian and St. Alexander churches in Rome. Is also Artistic Director of the “International Organ Summer Festival in Rome” and “Manziana International Organ Festival”.


Marco is much active also like composer, and these compositions for organ and piano are published from Erreffe Musical Edition. The next plans of Marco preview the collaboration with Keith Emerson and Steve Hackett for two CDs dedicates to their transcriptions (article appeared also on Classic Rock Magazine in London), and for 2008/09 has already been invited to play in Scotland (Edinburgh) in the Cathedral of St. Giles, in Zurich in the Cathedral of S. Peter and Paul, in Copenhagen in the Holmens Kirke (the church Queen of Denmark),in  St. Petersburg Maltesian Kapella, in the church of St. Nichola in Prague, in the church of  La Madeleine and Le Saint-Esprit in Paris, at Queen College  in Oxford and Kings College in Cambridge, etc…



“A MARVELLOUS MUSICIAN...”   (Steve Hackett)





“What Marco Lo Muscio presents is my ideal of music: entertaining and meaningful. Prog-Rock played on pipe organ: why nobody else thought of something so cool before?!? Marco is a keyboards ‘maestro’; his arrangements are warm, and respectful of the original. A real pleasure to listen to, both on CD and live”.

Corrado Canonici (Manager of Keith Emerson)